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As you start your Pegan diet journey, you can stock up on items at a discount like the Nama juicer, the Our Place Plan we feature in a lot of our recipes, wild Alaskan salmon from Vital Choice, high quality meats from ButcherBox, and so much more listed below.

The Pegan Diet

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Butcher Box

ButcherBox delivers 100% grass-fed, grass-finished beef, free-range organic chicken, heritage breed pork, and wild-caught seafood. And, you never pay for shipping! All of their meat is humanely raised and never given antibiotics or added hormones, ever!

Get $10 off your first order from ButcherBox


Our own Farmacy brand was created by Dr. Hyman and team to bring you the highest quality products for a healthy lifestyle. Our popular 10 Day Reset box is a systems-based approach designed to help you get back on track and reclaim your health. The Pegan Shake is designed to support long-lasting energy, balance blood sugar to minimize cravings, and help you feel full and satisfied. Or, try out our highly-bioavailable liposomal Vitamin C and Vitamin D3/K2.

20% off a three-month subscription order

Imperfect Foods

Imperfect Foods is an online grocer committed to eliminating food waste and building a better food system for everyone. We source imperfect produce and surplus food directly from farmers, growers and food purveyors and deliver these goods directly to customers' doors through a customizable subscription service that's less than grocery store prices.

50% off of your first Imperfect box

Kettle & Fire

Kettle & Fire's purpose is to make the world a better place by making better health convenient and delicious foods. Our bone broths and soups are made with the highest quality bones and ingredients, for maximum healing and superior flavor.

15% off + Free shipping


We believe in helping people make better choices by nurturing wellness rituals that assist everyone along their path to becoming better, every day. Our main product is our Nama V5800 Cold Press Juicer that is capable of making a wide variety of recipes such as juices, smoothies, plant-based milks, sorbets, soups, purée, and many more. It is perfect for all types of produce from leafy greens, soft fruits, and hard produce.

10% off Nama V5800 Cold Press Juicer


Navitas (Nuh-vee-tus) is Latin for “energy.” We dedicate our energy to sourcing the most ethically grown, powerfully nutritious plant-based superfoods to give you the energy you need to thrive.

30% off

Our Place

At Our Place, we believe in the power of home-cooking to bring people together.

That’s why we design products for the modern multi-ethnic kitchen that make it easier for you to make and break traditions with whoever you call family.

10% off


Paleovalley is health/nutrition brand offering high quality-organic, ethically-sourced, sustainably-focused foods and whole food supplements.

Our mission is to help people reclaim vibrant health. We provide products that prioritize nutrient density in an industry that prioritizes everything else. We believe that every dietary choice and every added ingredient is a powerful opportunity to love and care for oneself.

15% off

Primal Kitchen

Mark Sisson, New York Times bestselling author, media personality, ex-endurance athlete (5th place USA Marathon Championship, 4th place Hawaii Ironman finish) founded the PRIMAL KITCHEN® brand in 2015. Primal Kitchen delivers on his mission to change the way the world eats with uncompromisingly delicious condiments, sauces, cooking oils, collagen peptides and pantry staples that are made with fats we love and clean ingredients, and contain no dairy, gluten, grain, refined sugar or soy.

25% off

Real Salt

Redmond Real salt is from an ancient underground dried up sea bed, unrefined and loaded with minerals.

20% off

Simple Mills

Simple Mills is a portfolio brand transforming the center store with delicious foods made from simple, nutrient-dense, whole food ingredients and nothing artificial, ever - including crackers, cookies, snack bars, baking mixes, and frostings. Our ingredient list is short, fully recognizable and legible, and designed to taste delicious while nourishing your body with REAL FOODS from the inside out.

20% off


We harness the power of plants to create simple innovations that are safer for our homes and better for our planet. FreshPaper and FreshWraps are infused with a proprietary blend of powerful organic botanicals that naturally slow down spoilage, over-ripening, and wilting. FreshPaper has been independent laboratory tested and scientifically shown to keep fruits & vegetables fresh for longer.

50% off

Thrive Market

Thrive Market is an online marketplace that sells the highest quality groceries and home products, all delivered to your door at member only prices. Join today for an exclusive offer!

Get a FREE gift when you join today!

Vital Choice

Vital Choice is the leading source for fast home delivery of the world’s finest wild Alaskan seafood, Omega-3 rich supplements, and certified organic fare – the purest foods available. The company is committed to providing an unsurpassed level of purity and nutritional value for optimal wellness.

Two FREE 4oz portions of Wild Alaskan Sablefish with one order of $150 or more - a $25 value!

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